Friday, October 9, 2009

Super Smash Bros. Tourney Rules


Super Smash Brothers

3 Stock
8 Minute Time Limit

No Items

If you need to add your name to change your controls, please remember to do so, and do it quickly. You should not quit in the middle of a match if you realize your controls are wrong.
First round consists of all characters being chosen by a blind pick. The first stage will then be determined by a stage strike method. Players take turn striking out neutral stages until only one stage remains, which is the stage that is played. After the first match is over, each player bans one stage that can not be used in counterpicks.
Match two/three will first consist of the previous loser picking a stage, then the previous winner picking their character, and finally the previous loser picking their character.
You may not counterpick a stage you have already won on earlier that set.
Neutral Stages:


Final Destination


Yoshi's Island (Brawl)

Lylat Cruise
* Counterpick Stages:

Delfino Plaza

Castle Siege

Frigate Orpheon

Battleship Halberd

Rainbow Cruise


Pokemon Stadium 1

The 50 Ledge Grab Rule will be in effect, until the community as a whole comes up with a set number, we will make the limit 50 grabs. If the game ends with the time running out and your stats show that you went over 50 ledge grabs, you will automatically lose that round. If both people go over 50, then participating players Who ever has the highest stock and or lowest percentage on that stock will win. If both player have the same stock and percentage when the timer runs out, then a 1 stock rematch will occur.
Standing Infinites are BANNED which include (but not limited to) Dedede's small-step chain grab.
Ice Climber things are legal, as long as they aren't used for stalling.
If there is a dispute over controller ports, play Rock Paper Scissors for it (best 2 out of 3, no items, FD only).
Suicide Move Rules: (all situations are when both players are at 1 stock)

If a player successfully ends the match with either Bowser or Ganondorf's over B attack by suicide, then the player who initiated the move wins.

If a player ends the match by swallowing with Kirby or DDD and falling off the stage and the game counts it as a tie the one who initiated the move will win the round
Same standard rules and stages as singles.
Chibo's Color-Blind Rule: If a player on a team is using a character that might make it tough to determine the teams color (like Sonic, Lucario, or Pokemon Trainer), they are allowed to request control of a certain color to help lessen confusion.
Stock sharing is allowed.
Team Attack is on


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