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Interview with Leilene Ondriade

While I was blogging for the expo, I got the chance to do some interviews with someof the celebrities. This is my interview with Leilene Ondriade.

Q: How do you feel about video games?

A: I love them. Especially games like House of the Dead, Unreal, and Metal Gear Solid.

Q: What is your favorite part about being on television?

A: I actually like being behind the scenes more than I like being on camera. I like using the equipment, like the cameras and stuff. I like the directing side of television.

Q: What is Flava-flav like in real life?

A: He is just the same as he is on television. He wears that big clock and is very outgoing, but I will say that the only thing that is different about him is that he looks you in the eye when he speaks to you. He will finish a conversation with one person before acknowledging another who walked up midway. It doesn't matter how rich or famous that person may be.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Still photos from the Breakdancing Competition

Congrats to OOKIE (aka Edward Lee, center in below image) for his first place finish in the Breakdancing Competition

Starting a Game Design Studio - passion and pizza with Island Officials

Ryan Harbinson and Ryan Morrison of Island Officials LLC, located in Sicklerville, New Jersey, spoke yesterday about how to get started with game development and the pre-product stage. The Ryans, who are professors at Camden County College, started working on games three years ago on a part-time basis (while also holding down their ‘regular’ jobs). After piecing together old computers and setting up used office equipment in each other’s homes, they began by designing games for Xbox Live Arcade with help from their former students. Their first project “Vicious Cycles” – described as Twisted Metal on motorcycles with gangs reminiscent of those in West Side Story – folded after just three weeks, but they remained determined and pushed forward.

The next project, “We Love Cake”, was an ambitious Gauntlet-style shooter adventure. After about seven months however, the team realized that they were not quite at the professional level needed to make the game into what they initially envisioned. The project was put to the side, and they began working on “Hands On! Tangrams” – a more basic and simple game inspired by Morrison’s son.

Soon the time came to pitch Hands On! Tangrams to a publisher, and Morrison was able to convince the folks at Destination Software that this game was something special. While the demo was buggy, the concept was solid, and Destination Software gave the Ryans et al three months to get Hands On! Tangrams ready to go. Just when all seemed to come together, Destination Software was bought by Zoo Games. The new owners, in the subsequent settling of the dust, took the Hands On! Tangrams contract off the table.

Shaken but not finished, the Ryans stuck with Hands On! Tangrams, and in January of 2009 began working the game through a Nintendo DS development kit. Soon after, they attended the Game Developers Conference, where they touched base with old and new industry contacts. They received positive feedback from the folks at the GDC, and the Ryans then set out to E3 with a Tangram demos for the Nintendo DS and their pride intact. While at E3, they made an estimated 47 three-minute pitches on escalators, in elevators, and anywhere else they could find someone willing to listen. The game hit well with publishers at E3, and soon they received a great offer from Storm City Games – which consisted of some former Destination Software people.

What came next was a fitting reward for the five years of hard knocks - a 1000 square-foot office in Sicklerville, where the Island Officials team now works as the in-house developer for Storm City Games. It was a long journey for the Island Officials team, one filled with many proverbial brick walls and lessons learned from mistakes, but all the hard work, pizza and passion paid off in the end.

Hands On! Tangrams will be available (online only) on November 17, 2009 – so be sure to pre-order your copy today from Also, be sure to visit the Island Officials website to find out more about future releases, including the long-awaited “We Love Cake”. The upcoming off-the-wall puzzle adventure game “Hands On! Pattern Blocks” is slated to be released by the 3rd quarter of 2010.

Below Image: The Island Officials booth at VGXPO

More Saturday Scenes

VGXPO Breakdancing Competition from Justin on Vimeo.

video :)

me dancing with a storm trooper!

cutest girl ever?

why did you dress up as rikku? (not roxas haha :) )

you dance, master chief attacks?

things get a little...hairy..for an inteviewer!

a sora cosplayer doing the soulja boy dance to jai ho? :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Leilene Ondrade @ VGXPO

Leilene Ondrade @ VGXPO from Justin on Vimeo.

Aron Eisenberg @ VGXPO

Aron Eisenberg @ VGXPO from Justin on Vimeo.

Neil Kaplan @ VGXPO

We got the chance to speak with Neil Kaplan, the voice of Tychus Findlay in the upcoming Starcraft II, on his voicework and the world of video games.

Neil Kaplan (Part 1) from Justin on Vimeo.

Neil Kaplan (Part 2) from Justin on Vimeo.

Neil Kaplan (Part 3) from Justin on Vimeo.

Knight Realms Sparring Video

Weapons training for all ages!

Cosplay in the crowd audio slideshow

More coming following today's contest.


Knight Realms Slideshow

Still images from the Knight Realms talk. Videos and an interview with the Knight Realms folks coming soon!


First In Line for Saturday's Festivities

The first group in line today are (left to right) Robin, KC and Sam from the Deptford area of New Jersey, Cosplaying as Kingdom Hearts characters Demyx, Riku and Sora, respectively.

They arrived at 9:30AM, and have Dance Dance Revolution and the Cosplay contest at the top of their agenda - but mainly, like everyone else, their chief goal is to just have a good time.

We will be catching up with this trio later today and posting more images of the Cosplay contest. As for their DDR moves... we shall see.
Stay tuned true believers!!!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

VGXPO Friday Pixxxx

Dancing Fool

Dancing Fool from Justin on Vimeo.

Video Interview: Krista Mazzeo and K.I.T.T.

Krista and K.I.T.T from Justin on Vimeo.

Tournament Winners

The results are in for the days early tourneys!

Anthony Varenas of Philadelphia placed first in the Halo 3 free-for-all. Second place went to Dylan Rebstock of Glouchester City, NJ.

Skye Thomsen of Palmyra, NJ, was the winner of today's Street Fighter IV tournament. Brandon Ellerbee of Philadelphia finished second.

Our Super Smash Brothers winner is ChiboSempai (aka Mark Korsak) of Brigantine, NJ. Bnzaaa (aka Ben Amoah) of Inglewood, NJ, placed second.

First place for the Call of Duty: World at War Zombie tournament went to Mitul Mittal of King of Prussia, PA. Second and third place went to Carl Tarrance of Waynesborough, VA, and Antonio Guerrero of Philadelphia, respectively.

Richard Wisniewski of Blue Bell, PA, was the top Guitar Hero player, with Timothy Ream of Mertztown, PA, finishing in second place.

Congratulations to our competitors!

More results coming soon - including the Halo 3 2v2 tournament winners!

A Busy Friday

We're well underway here, and already there's excitement in the air. The panel discussions and tournaments are underway, and in a half hour, the opening ceremonies will officially begin the festivities. We'll try to bring you video interviews of the hottest events and all the celebrities, and of course, check out UFrag for continuing coverage, either on the VGXPO Blog post with the embedded stream or at In a little bit, we'll have a video interview with Krista Mazzeo and KITT, which should be very fun. Stay tuned!

UFRAG Live Stream of VGXPO

From the floor - some cool gear

When you arrive be sure to stop by the booth to see the awesome graphics on the handheld console cases and backpacks. The custom art looks great and will definitely attract admiring eyes to your gear.

If you have a hankering for all things pointy and intimidating, be sure to check out Griffon's Claw - swords, knives, claws, and vamp inspired accessories to name a few.

Also, be sure to stop by the CBS 3 - CW Philly 57 booth to spin the prize wheel and win some free merchandise, and to register for your chance to win a DVD set of the hit TV show The Office!

Report from the Nerve Center

Birds eye view from the VGXPO HQ:

Doors estimated to open any minute and the floor is looking good!

The US Army has their push up contest area set up and a few modern consoles – but what they have planned for them I don't know for sure.

Nintendo is looking good, and they have a big hunk of real estate. Based on what I’m looking at they are going to be attracting lots of attention with the array of DSi and Wii stuff.

The arcade games are calling me... I think I can make out Karate Champ... not sure but I hope so for when I get down there.

To all of you retro gamers – better get here fast – there are tons of classic goods to be had for the right price, and of course the best will be the first to go.

Oh, and there's a guy on a Segway cruising around – so keep your eyes open for traffic!!!

It is going to be an interesting first day…

Here's a quick video showing Nintendo's spot on the floor:


Street Fighter Tourney Rules


Street Fighter

All tournaments will be double-elimination; 2/3 matches; 3/5 winner's/loser's finals; 4/7 GF. This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller/Converter/Joystick) event. It is strongly discouraged that you share your stick/pad with anyone during the tournaments. The 3-min rule is strongly in effect, Meaning if you are called for a match and cannot report for it due to waiting on YOUR equipment, the losers bracket awaits you after 3 minutes. Also the SB/Momos staff is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment, so please KEEP a close eye on your belongings at all times. In regards to convertors for any system, we strongly advise EVERYONE to bring your own converter if your pad/stick requires it and to be cautious to lending out. We will not be providing them because they are rare and always come up missing. The following rules apply: If the start button is hit or a malfunction with your equipment occurs, causing the game to pause or reset during a match within the first 5 secs, the match WILL be restarted. However if after that point then your opponent will have the opportunity to take the 1st win or reset the match, advantage or not. Button mapping is allowed. Button macros are allowed (3P/3K). Program pads or right-analog-special mapping in BB is banned. SFIV - Winner keeps the same character.

Super Smash Bros. Tourney Rules


Super Smash Brothers

3 Stock
8 Minute Time Limit

No Items

If you need to add your name to change your controls, please remember to do so, and do it quickly. You should not quit in the middle of a match if you realize your controls are wrong.
First round consists of all characters being chosen by a blind pick. The first stage will then be determined by a stage strike method. Players take turn striking out neutral stages until only one stage remains, which is the stage that is played. After the first match is over, each player bans one stage that can not be used in counterpicks.
Match two/three will first consist of the previous loser picking a stage, then the previous winner picking their character, and finally the previous loser picking their character.
You may not counterpick a stage you have already won on earlier that set.
Neutral Stages:


Final Destination


Yoshi's Island (Brawl)

Lylat Cruise
* Counterpick Stages:

Delfino Plaza

Castle Siege

Frigate Orpheon

Battleship Halberd

Rainbow Cruise


Pokemon Stadium 1

The 50 Ledge Grab Rule will be in effect, until the community as a whole comes up with a set number, we will make the limit 50 grabs. If the game ends with the time running out and your stats show that you went over 50 ledge grabs, you will automatically lose that round. If both people go over 50, then participating players Who ever has the highest stock and or lowest percentage on that stock will win. If both player have the same stock and percentage when the timer runs out, then a 1 stock rematch will occur.
Standing Infinites are BANNED which include (but not limited to) Dedede's small-step chain grab.
Ice Climber things are legal, as long as they aren't used for stalling.
If there is a dispute over controller ports, play Rock Paper Scissors for it (best 2 out of 3, no items, FD only).
Suicide Move Rules: (all situations are when both players are at 1 stock)

If a player successfully ends the match with either Bowser or Ganondorf's over B attack by suicide, then the player who initiated the move wins.

If a player ends the match by swallowing with Kirby or DDD and falling off the stage and the game counts it as a tie the one who initiated the move will win the round
Same standard rules and stages as singles.
Chibo's Color-Blind Rule: If a player on a team is using a character that might make it tough to determine the teams color (like Sonic, Lucario, or Pokemon Trainer), they are allowed to request control of a certain color to help lessen confusion.
Stock sharing is allowed.
Team Attack is on

Madden 10 Tourney Rules


Madden 10

I. General Rules · You may use any of the 32 NFL teams from the 2007-2008 NFL season latest updated rosters. No special teams will be used (All Madden, Marshall’s etc.) · You are allowed to change teams during the tournament. You can also change your playbook at anytime during the tournament. · Memory cards are not allowed · Seeding for tournament and region assignment will be determined by tournament directors. All seeding decisions are final

II. Game Settings · Settings are default. Skill level is All-Madden. Fatigue is on. AI levels are default. Instant replay is off. All CPU assist must be turned off for both players. Fair play if off. · Random weather is on during the entire tournament until the Championship Game. Random weather is off for the Championship Game. · Audibles and substitutions can only be changed before the game, at halftime or if you use a timeout. Substitutions are limited to same/similar position only. Here is a list of allowed substitutions. 1. RB/FB 2. LOLB/MLB/ROLB 3. O-Line/O-Line 4. D-Line/D-Line 5. TE/TE Only 6. WR/WR Only 7. QB/QB Only 8. Special Teams: kicker for kicker or punter. Punter for kicker or punter. 9. Very important rule regarding subbing in position that you can package: · If the game allows you to package a player in a certain position, then you can manually put them there, in the formation only. – i.e. put LB’s at the DE’s in the Dime or Quarters formations – i.e. HB in the slot in Shotgun 5 Wide (not bunch) or Singleback-empty 5 WR or Shotgun-Tight (HB Flanker Left or Right.). You may then audible formation if you like. · The use of quick passing and player lock is allowed but is not required · If you pause the game (using the start button), you must burn a timeout as a penalty. If you have no timeouts left, you will be required to take a penalty (delay of game for offense or offsides for defense). · If the game remains tied after overtime, restart the game with the same setup, and the first team to score will win. Half-time will last five (5) minutes, unless both teams agree to start the second half before the five (5) minutes has elapsed. · In the event of a outage of power, accidental unplugging, system freeze or some other event not in either player’s control that would not allow the participants to finish the game, the game will be restarted using the “situational setup” to exactly match the score, settings, quarter, time and possession so the game can continue as it was. · Home field advantage – The home field advantage will be determined by a flip of a coin. The winner in both situations will choose their team first.

III. Reporting Violations (Very Important) · If you feel that your opponent is cheating, notify a official. The official’s decision is final and the violators could be kicked out of the tournament and all future tournaments 1. Remember, once the violation happens you must pause the game immediately and call for a tournament official to come and review the play. Do not take the liberty of reviewing the play before contacting an official. 2. Please don not wait longer then before the snap of the next play to report any possible infractions. 3. We will not make any ruling on any infraction that we did not see or anything after the snap of the ball for the next play. 4. This applies to all infractions

IV. Glitch & Cheating Rules (Very Important) · D-lineman must be kept on the screen (as long as you can see a piece of them). LB’s can move anywhere on screen · Use of hurry up offense – the implementation of the hurry up offense philosophy is permitted. However, the use of the hurry offense after an incomplete pass is not prohibited. Penalties for breaking this rule: Burn one timeout (if there are no timeouts available take a delay of game penalty) for each offense. · Onside kicks – the use of onside kicks are prohibited at any point in the game, unless the opponent is ahead by 21 points or more or you are down in the 4th quarter. · In the situation right before the half, if your opponent is attempting a FG you CANNOT jump offsides in an attempt to make the clock run out and end the half. · In a situation where the Pressure Kick situation is on, you CANNOT use an audible glitch to undo the Pressure Kick. · Player CANNOT punt block or block any FG’s (period). Any illegal defense movement on the defense side of the ball before and during any FG or Punt or Extra Point is prohibited. Illegal movement will result in a re-kick or re-kick of punt. To prevent any questionable accusations it is recommended to just put the stick down. The only person you can control is the punt returner and he is allowed to rush the kicker or come up to the line of scrimmage. In the situation right before the half, if your opponent is attempting a FG you CANNOT jump offsides in an attempt to make the clock run out and end the half. In the situation of a pressure kick and pressure situation is on you CANNOT use the glitch to undo the Pressure Kick. · No fake punts or fake FG’s · Coaching – no one will be allowed to assist any player with decisions during the game. Anyone who does so will be pointed toward the front door. Headphones for music will be allowed, but cell phones and cell phone earpieces will not be allowed during the game play. No game stoppage for cell phone calls. · The use of QB Draw, Sneak or Sweep ONLY Allowed out of Formations, IBIG, Single Back Big & Goal Line. The attempt to create a Draw, Sweep or Sneak out of a broken play or other formations will not be allowed. Basically to sum it up: If one of those (3) Plays are in your actual playbook then you are allowed to run that play. Any attempt to run a QB Draw, Sneak or Sweep out of other formations where it is not listed will not be allowed. · Screen Toggling: No excessive screen toggling will be allowed during the snap of ball or before a FG or Punt. Abuse of this rule will result in use of time out or in case of FG situation re-kick. · Special Team Plays: are not allowed in your audibles. Exception: Field audible and when you call that audible. It CANNOT be called in an attempt to run the ball or QB Draw (where permitted). You must pass the ball id the field goal is called. · IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION ABOUT THE GLITCH RULE PLEASE CONTACT US

V. Conduct · Trash-Talking: Should not be of a violent nature and please refrain from using “in-your-face” foul language. Also please be respectful of all players. The commissioners will have final say over what is “respectful”, and you may be disqualified from the tournament if you do not cooperate. · Narcotic or Alcohol use of any kind is not permitted. · No sideline coaching is allowed. No exception. · If a player purposely turns off a game while it is in progress, that player will forfeit that game · No verbal or physical threats of violence to other tournament participants. This will result in your immediate disqualification from the tournament. VI. Liability · VGXPO will not be held responsible for property stolen, broken or lost during the tournament. Please make sure that everything you bring to the tournament has your name on it. · All decisions by the commissioners about any aspect of the tournament (rules, behavior etc.) are final. VII. Additional In-Game Rules · We reserve the right to add additional rules at anytime during the tournament especially when a new glitch is found.

Halo 3 Tourney Rules


MLG Halo 3

Gametyps and Settings

Version 1

All Games
Primary Weapon = Battle Rifle
Motion Tracker Mode = Off
Suicide Penalty = None
Betrayal Penalty = None
Team Changing = Not Allowed

Team Slayer

Time Limit = 15 Minutes
Vehicle Set = No Vehicles
The Pit

Multi Flag

Sudden Death = Disabled
Flag At Home to Score = Enabled
Flag Return Time = Instant
Flag Reset Time = 15 Seconds
Time Limit = 30 Minutes
Flag Carrier Traits, Damage Modifier = 75%
Vehicle Set = No Vehicles
The Pit

Team Oddball

Score to Win = 250
Time Limit = 15 Minutes
Ball Carrier Traits, Damage Modifier = 75%
Vehicle Set = No Vehicles
The Pit

Team King

Score to Win = 250
Hill Movement Order = Sequence
Hill Movement = 2 Minutes
Time Limit = 15 Minutes
Respawn Time = 10 Seconds
Vehicle Set = No Vehicles
The Pit

One Flag

Captures to Win = Unlimited
Flag Carrier Traits, Damage Modifier = 75%
High Ground
Last Resort

CoD4 Tourney Rules


Call of Duty 4

1. Each match will consist of best score out of three rounds.

2. One team gets to pick the match type, the other gets to choose the map. Then the next round vice versa. Whomever wins the second round, if a third round is still necessary, the team that lost round two gets to choose either map or match type as they please.

3. If at the end of a round, it is tied, then it goes into overtime until another team wins.

City Streets


Rubber Baby Bumper Jumpers - A quick guide to VGXPO Tourneys

For those of you out there who are thinking of joining a tournament at the VGXPO, here are a few things you need to know.

1) Controllers - You CAN bring your own Wii-motes, HOWEVER, you CANNOT bring your own XBOX 360 controllers for Halo 3. Modded controllers are out there and we DO NOT tolerate cheaters.

2) Sportsmansip - Please do not tea-bag, swear, or befoul opponents while playing in a Tournament. It is grounds for disqualification and it is just downright rude!

3) Endgame - If you lose, be nice. Shake hands with your opponent(s) and keep your composure. It's just a game.

Remember. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Everyone is here to do just the same.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let Go: The Future of Gaming is Out of Control

It’s pretty trendy to remember old games. We’ve all got childhoods paved with dusty cartridges and the stories they told us; cartoon dinosaurs losing their girlfriends and ninjas avenging their father’s premature gut-stabbing.

Dude’s a badass.

Memorable, to say the least. But what connected us so to these bizarre tales, of worlds where

jumping was key in almost all areas and the only real surprise was what the “B” button was going to be used for?

The controller. The tiny plastic rectangle that we didn’t realize was way too uncomfortable until years later, when arthritis showed up about 40 years early. It filtered our actions into the pixilated world and made us able to hack and slash our way through any matter of horrifying nightmare world.

So, with the game industry in a state of constant progress, it only makes sense that the gaming staples we came to know and love as kids would be due for a radical overhaul. We’ve seen cartridges turn into discs, electronic humming evolve into orchestral masterpieces, and celebrity

vocal talents where there used to be onscreen text.

Microsoft and Sony have announced: the next thing to go is the little plastic rectangle.


The days of button-mashing and trigger-pulling are over, as very soon, the only thing you’ll need to play a game is the body you’ve let go to waste. With such a dramatic revolution at hand, it makes sense that a new face appears on the horizon to usher in an age of wireless, buttonless control:

A creepy little boy.

His name is Milo, and my god is he eerie. Lionhead Studios seems to think he is just the dynamo to bring the fury of futuristic fervor hurdling into the next generation. As a demo indicated,

Microsoft’s Project Natal incorporates all of your body movements into the virtual world. As a girl converses with the onscreen Milo, we can see he is capable of voice recognition, physical movements, and intelligent responses. And he is a mere precursor of things to come, as Microsoft and Sony both have plans to connect you even further to video games by…disconnecting you. Entirely.

I watched the demo online and I couldn’t help but feel like I was in the first scene of a movie where Milo’s “moral compass files” get corrupted and some sexy teens are stalked and killed.

“They mostly come at night…mostly…”

There’s even footage of a kid scanning his skateboard into a game and riding it.

Microsoft’s Project Natal is clearly capable of some mind-blowing tricks, but as usual, Sony isn’t one to be left behind.

Their demo video of two (somewhat nervous) reps showing off their wireless motion controller is also impressive. The device has a sensor ball on the top, which can be tracked by the EyeToy on top of the PS3. Judging by Microsoft’s invention, one would think that the Sony model is somewhat behind, seeing as how it still requires you to hold something.

However, the reps address this, and I’m inclined to agree: not everything is more realistic with your hands. As a guy who’s more likely to play a shooter than a sports game, the point is raised more for pulling a trigger than swinging a bat. The controller’s abilities are wide-reaching, and while the sports demo seemed pretty obvious, when the one guy starts firing arrows at an army of oncoming zombie-vikings, you can tell the audience sits up and takes notice.

Microsoft has even managed to get Lionhead, Bungie, and Epic on board; developers behind some of the most high profile and successful games of our generation. Though it may be premature, the mere combination of this technology with the games these studios are responsible for is enough to make you start drooling.

What we should be nervous about is the complete lack of a price tag. Granted, there are plenty of gamers out there who will drop a couple of house payments for this kind of technology, but for the rest of us, well… we saw some pretty extraordinary demos. In a world where even the “price reduced” PS3 and XBOX 360 are enough to cause some gasps of horror, the next generation can only have higher numbers on the price tag.

But… watch the video, if you haven’t yet. It almost doesn’t seem real that this is where we are. They’ve jumped on the River Wii and sailed it to an ocean of possibilities. With both companies releasing mere demos, we can rest assured these concepts will only be developed further.

And with a ghostly British boy at the forefront, you can bet we’re only headed for something good.

Or, disembowelment.

VGXPO Collegiate Tournament Finalists!

Ah college, how I miss you. The easy classes, the parties, the late night caffeine binges to finish papers, the early morning caffeine binges after submitting the papers but you had another class right point is that college is pretty extra hot great. But there was one thing missing all those years, and now I think I know what it was: Super Smash Bros. collegiate tournaments hosted by VGXPO.

Well, that is exactly what came to pass during the course of the past 2 weeks. Three universities in the Philadelphia area -- University of Pennsylvania, Rowan University and LaSalle University -- hosted three tournaments pitting the schools' best gamers against each other for the chance to compete at VGXPO for the title of the VGXPO 2009 Collegiate Champion. I tried to get them to call the winner the Super Smash Emperor of the Gamerverse, but they turned me down.

Here are the winners of the respective tournaments. Read these names, blog viewers, and tremble.

Jeff Denis
David Sherman-Presser

Michael Ayubi
Michael Silbernagel

Christian Townsend
Dimitri Deryae

Who will take home the metaphorical crown? Come to VGXPO and find out!